My board exams are on, three down three to go. I would love to talk more about them, but I made a promise early in the life of this blog that I wouldn’t talk about studies here, so I’d rather stick to that.

Now other stuff. My Dad is now on his way to a port in Texas, USA & actually wrote ‘Hiho Silver’ in the subject line of one of his emails to us & also began it as ‘Hiya Clementine!’. So I gave mom the idea of beginning her reply with ‘Howdy Pardner’ (And no, that’s not a typo, was just trying to get it, accent & all.)

Among other things, there are some potentially exciting new things happening in my life, but I don’t really want to talk about them just yet (Because you see, in my family, the word ‘plan’ shouldn’t be in our dictionary, because the more we make plans, the more we are forced to break them. I’ve known this ever since I was little & I’m used to it now.) So, let’s just wait & see.

I haven’t forgotten  that I was supposed to post about the movies I saw, will definitely do that in the coming week.

Oh & if I haven’t been commenting regularly on your blogs, I’m very sorry. I’m a little busy & most of the time my भेजा (brain) is completely fried (If you didn’t see the film then you really aren’t going to understand what I mean. x