Screwdrivers can make you tipsy!
I always love to record ‘firsts‘ on my blog, be it my first post, first photo with my dSLR or first try at light photography.
And today I am proud to record another first! My first screwdriver!
Now before you get any ideas let me tell you that I am definitely not a spoiled teen.  
My first drink was a Bacardi Breezer when I was 11. Mommy dearest always believed in letting me try whatever I want at home first so that I am not tempted to try it in dark, shady bars with my friends (for the record, I haven’t been in a pub/disco till date!) Back in those days there were just 3 flavors- Lemon, Orange & Cranberry.
The three original flavors! Still my favorite drink.
I cannot stand the taste of beer somehow, I find it yuck. The only time I can stand it is when it’s shandy, which consists of half beer & lemon fizzy drink (such as Limca, but 7 Up would do too).
Sometimes I do have a glass of port wine.
Actually for me to like any alcoholic drink, it has to be sweet! That’s why Breezers have still remained my favorite.

Anyway, back to the whole Screwdriver thingy. 
The recipe for a screwdriver is incredibly simple-

  • 1 part Vodka 
  • 2 parts Orange Juice

Mix it all up serve on the rocks in a highball glass.

Mom & me were at a very formal do. We’ve been to those things before, but usually only have juices. But this time I told mom that we should try something alcoholic. So we went over to the bar & asked for screwdrivers. But mom fretted a little when he was pouring the vodka so it ended up approximately 1 part vodka & 5 or 6 parts Orange Juice. But I was thankful for those proportions later because when I drank it, my head started spinning just a little. But once I had dinner, the spinning stopped & I was completely fine! I’m glad I tried it…

Cheers, (literally!)