If you asked me to compile a list of the most exciting things in the world, receiving letters or packages by courier or snail mail would definitely make the cut. Maybe that’s why I do so much internet shopping!
My mom dislikes it because you cannot see the product before buying. I am forced to agree, especially with clothes. Still, I just love the feeling of unboxing something new.
But there I go, rambling again. Today I received a very nice box by courier. I am expecting a ton of mail so I didn’t know what this was. Anyway, I hurriedly opened the box, it was some beauty products I ordered. I left the box in the living room & went back to my room. It was only when mom got home that she turned the box over. And look who it was addressed to-
Little did I know that when I picked this email on a whim two and a half years ago that it would actually appear on a box!