A few days ago I went to see the movie I Am Number Four. Anyway, the cinema was in a mall & afterwards we (mom & me) decided to roam a little. First stop was Landmark. It’s a popular book/ stationary/ music/ toy store. I looked around a little & this is what I chanced upon:
You know how much I love pinbacks! So I got these. A South Park one (to add to to my SP t-shirt & bag), KISS (70’s rock bands were awesome!!), Spongebob (not a big fan but I liked his expression!) =D & of course Green Day! I added these to my growing collection (I have 13 including these, not counting some that my dad took 🙂 I also have one lapel pin). These came in super cute individual packs & were quite inexpensive.
Later on we went to get some food! Haha I am getting better at grocery shopping or at marketing (as the non english speakers call it here).
Later on when mom went to get us some food I wandered into Vero Moda (I was wearing my I 80s pinback & that kept setting off the metal detectors!) I had gone to the huge Linking Road Vero Moda outlet during the sale but I didn’t fine anything I liked. Now too, the clothes were pretty but most were large & besides I wasn’t really looking for clothes. But I did find something:

I absolutely love this bracelet (from their Spring collection). Afin de bohème! (not too sure about that French, do correct me if I’m wrong). It fits nicely on my wrist, not like some which hang loose. I love the multicolored beads too. Totally awesome.
Next, on the way back we stopped at Bata. Bata is an Italian brand but it feels so Indian. It has been a part of everyone’s life at some time or the other. I stopped shopping there a few years ago but their collections were just too boring. But now they’re revamping, they’re shoes look more stylish & they make bags too!

I got these simple brown ballerina flats. I tried them on, but I think they’re a little too snug (I can be silly like that!) But I love them. Especially the brogue-style stitch on the front. They’re the business casual type but I’m  getting them for a formal even where I’ll have to move about a lot. Heels won’t do!
And the last but not the least, these were waiting for me when I got back.
I had ordered them online & they arrived. Both books are by Ruskin Bond, my all time favorite author. The first is Susanna’s Seven Husbands the book that the Bollywood movie Saat Khoon Maaf was based on. (click the film to read my review of it).

That’s all I bought that day… not so much compared to some other days but not bad nonetheless.
This is kinda like my first haul post, so do tell me what you think… Like? Dislike? Let me know.
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