Heeeeeyyyyy people. How have you been?
I have been very busy living my life. Not this life, but another life. I love computer games. My previous favorites were Age of he Empires III & RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. Now I found a new addiction: The Sims 3. (What is it with the 3’s?) Addiction is no understatement, I mean it in the truest sense. I made a sim that looks quite like me, has traits very similar to mine. Right now she just got fired from her first job, & is writing her first novel (which is sure to be a best seller) & loves fishing, cooking & visit the library or Art Gallery. She’s single at the moment, but is considering dating! Haha. And I really was considering changing all the she’s to I’s because I really think she is me. (okay… you’re probably lost now! That was not my intention). Also, exams are coming up so I can’t spend more than two-three hours a day at my mac. Which is sad, because I ‘m having serious withdrawal symptoms at the moment.
What have you been up to?