I got my hair Rebonded. A few years ago this was a completely alien term to me. I knew it was similar to straightening, but how?
Well, straightening is when someone just applies some chemical on your hair & irons it out. It can be terribly damaging.
Rebonding, on the other hand, is quite different. It is a lengthier, permanent & pricier. Chemicals are applied that break down the texture of the hair & re-form it as completely straight hair. Also, it leaves the hair very silky, shiny & of course poker straight. It is completely permanent, & you just have to touch up new growth after a few months.
So I went in for this procedure (yes, procedure! It’s so lengthy… ) a few days ago. I’m not going to go into minute detail, all I’ll say it that it was annoying! It took over three hours (& three hair washes). Also the part where they iron your hair can be a tad painful because they have to pull the hair a bit while ironing. After the three hours I was so glad that it was over, but I was in for an unpleasant surprise. The rebonding process would go on for two days, during which I was not to wet my hair, leave home (I was allowed to leave only if I was going to be in an air conditioned environment continuously. No sweat or dirt could touch my hair! Also, I had to be super careful that my hair was straight at all times, it could not be put behind my ears or ‘sit’ on my shoulders.
So over the next two days I had to cancel a date with my girl friends & just sit at home. And the care for those two days was exhausting! I didn’t even take this much care of my full back tattoo.
Finally, yesterday I went in to get my hair washed. A quick wash & a session with the blow dryer, & my hair was transformed! It was not only poker straight but soooo shiny & silky. So those two torturous days? Worth it!
Now my hair looks like this:
Without flash.
With Flash.
I will be the first to admit that I’m not all that thrilled about the poker straight bit. But I am in love with how soft, silky & oh-so-manageable my hair has become. I mean, I can get out of bed, just run my fingers through my hair (I don’t even need a comb!) & be ready to leave home. It’s an absolute delight.
So what do you think of rebonding? Have you ever tried it? Would you?

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