Everyone is different, and when it comes to choosing a blowout brush it’s important to pick up the one that’s right for your type of hair. There are a lot of different types of brushes out there and it’s certainly overwhelming when it comes to picking the right one when real reviews are hard to find.

We are going to help you identify what is the right brush for your specific hair type.

Dry or damaged hair has to be treated cautiously. The rough, porous texture needs to be treated delicately with the right brush. In this instance, look for a brush with rubber tipped bristles. With these types of bristles, any tangled hair can be smoothed out without having to be pulled or tugged too aggressively.

If your hair is lacking moisture and its sheen is reduced, making it appear frizzy and dull this likely means you have dry hair. Nevertheless, there is some hope here if you do use the right brush. Boar bristle brushes assist in uniformly distributing the natural oils from your scalp completely through your hair. This will help your hair in retaining some moisture and give it that added natural shine.

Oily hair tends to lack volume, remain flat and often stay greasy even after shampooing. In order to avoid this, just like for dry hair, you can use a boar bristle brush. Here, the bristles also help in the even redistribution of natural oils, allowing no collection on the roots. Specifically, it targets your scalp and denies any sort of build-up which results in happier, cleaner – feeling hair.

When it comes to fine hair, a ceramic barrel brush aids by maintaining even heat distribution. This allows hair damage to be kept to a minimum and that certain parts of your hair are not heated up more than others. This type of hair can also be prone to breakage and brushes with natural bristles should be considered. This will help in gently detangling your hair. Another advantage is that natural or mixed bristles will provide the best grip on your hair which allows everything to stay in place during a blowout.

For those of you with long hair, traditionally, the round brush has staked its claim as being the best tool for a blowout. Round brushes are available with different sizes of barrels. The rule here is, the longer the hair, the bigger the barrel of your brush needs to be. The bigger barrel aids in glamorously volumising hair. A brush that does not have a big enough barrel could end up just curling your hair tips and not achieve the desired fullness that you are looking for.

If you have short hair, it can be important to create volume and sleekness but this must be achieved without curling the hair too much. So, for a short hair blowout, be on the lookout for a brush that has a narrower barrel and wider teeth to achieve your desired look.

Keep in mind your hair type and length when you select a blowout hairbrush to get the best look.

Kadambini Tiwari is working as a social media and content manager at Ikinaki. I love to help people forming opinions about a range of beauty products by providing them my personal take on the same after using them.