On the 14th of August Lomography India held a pre-Independence day Photowalk with Manoj Jadhav one of the most brilliant photographers in India.
I have been to many lomowalks before. But the special thing about this one? A medium format only, black & white workshop.
Medium format (120 film) is a type of roll film different from 35mm. It’s larger in size & has space for only 12 or 16 exposures (unlike 35mm film which has space for 36 exposures).
So anyway on the 14th came & I went for it. Was feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing. We got to choose from a wide range of medium format cameras for the workshop & I chose the Holga 120 GCFN. After we were given our cameras we were told to explore the area individually & click our own pictures (so there aren’t ‘duplicates’)
So me & my friend Anushree & me rambled around CST & Flora Fountain taking pictures. We were supposed to come up with a theme & stick to it. I was feeling somewhat uninspired & kept racking my brains to try & come up with a theme but I couldn’t think of one. As I kept walking through the quiet bylanes of Churchgate I felt awed by the lovely Victorian structures. Some were in good state while others looked slightly ruined. So I just snapped away at ‘sections’ of those buildings. Mostly the top, sometimes in the middle.
I then waited for the photos to come back from the lab, hoping that I got at least a few shots out of 12.
I got the photos yesterday. Here they are:

After shooting all the buildings I came across these kids practicing for the Independence Day March Past. They looked so focussed, I had to click this photo.

Holga 120 GCFN x Lomography B&W 100 120

For my first time with medium format & my first time shooting black & white on film I am VERY happy elated with the results. Must get my hands on some 35mm B&W film, very soon. Also that amazing plastic Holga just might be magical. I love the dreamy soft focus & vignetting. Definitely be my next camera, too bad I bought one too many cameras & in the process told my mom that I wouldn’t buy another camera for a year. 🙁
Oh well I will figure something out. 😉

Tell me what you think of the photos?