In addition to Life etc., I also run a fashion blog & do semi regular outfit posts there. I don’t usually post those here, but I thought I could make an exception for this one, because it fits right in. If interested, you can see this outfit post with a more details & photos here.

This tee was love at first sight for me. People who still shoot film will appreciate the irony behind a tank top that declares 35mm among the list of ‘dead’ things, alongside typewriters & televisions with antennae. It’s from the Delhi based indie label ‘Bhikari Chic‘, they have a lot of original tongue-in-cheek designs (also their prices are very affordable, cheaper than many mall tees, college kids will love them!)
Finally got to wear my Lomography pin-back, it’s an ode to the LC-A (my favorite film camera!) & says ЛОМO, basically LOMO in Russian.
In keeping with the Indian-kitsch theme, the bag I carried was a cloth bag from Mumbai based indie label Golmaal Stores (a recent favorite) with Rajnikant printed all over it. Rajnikant is a South Indian film superstar & a God to many, no jokes. We Indians love circulating Rajnikant jokes via text messages & facebook statuses, these are nothing but Chuck Norris jokes with the name replaced.
And now a picture of my mom, who is the super-patient photographer whenever I’m in the picture. As you can see I’m still using the Jo Totes Georgia bag to haul my camera(s) around, it’s lovely to look at, keeps my gear safe & is a hit with everybody!

The picture above is only related to the rest of the post by location (Marine Drive, Mumbai) but I felt compelled to share the picture because CRABS. They may look tiny with the magnification of my 50mm lens but in reality they were huge. I’m deathly afraid of them (unless they’re in a pot with coconut curry, in which case they’re delicious). But there was something very entertaining (& intriguing?) about watching scuttle back & forth with urgency, especially when a wave hit close by.

First post of October, phew! One thing I’ve been repeatedly reading on blogs is how fast the year sped by, how it’s almost 2013, etc. etc. Although by now I’m very tired of hearing it, I can’t help but admit that it’s true. Where did the year go??! (that is not a rhetorical question… where did go, seriously?)