A week ago I showed you some photos from my fish project with the LC-Wide for Lomography India. Today I’m showing you some more, except these are cross processed. Cross processing (sometimes abbreviated to Xpro) is the procedure of deliberately processing photographic film in a chemical solution intended for a different type of film. So you can process slide film in color negative chemicals or color negative film is slide chemicals (though the former is much more popular & gives better results). If you’re interested in knowing more, Lomography has a simple & excellent guide on cross processing.

Lomography LC-Wide x Lomography X-Pro 200

This was my first time with cross processing & I was somewhat unhappy with the results. Cross processing with this film does usually give a very green look, that coupled with the overexposure caused a serious loss of detail on most of the photos, in some of them you can’t even clearly tell what’s in the picture.

This actually put me off cross processing for quite a while. But then again cross processing is a core part of Lomography, in all it’s shocking, over saturated high contrast goodness. So I’m gonna give it another try, this time.

The lady in the first & third pictures is my mom! And the last picture is of Matilda, one of the residents at the local Home for the Aged. She was so shy she refused to stand for this photo till my mom coaxed her to. It happens to be my most liked picture on my lomohome!

After almost a month of blissful holidays my college starts today. I am happy to be meeting the friends I missed (though we kept in touch over long phone conversations) but not happy about missing my beauty sleep. *sigh* It’s back to sleep deprived days for me! x