These photos are from a little project I did months ago (May, actually). The theme? Fish.

I didn’t really have any fish stuffed toys so I just borrowed some toys from the Home for the Aged for this shoot.

My lovely living room.

I love it when color co-incidences occur!

LC-Wide x Kodak 400

This was soon after Lomography launched the LC-Wide.

The camera is sort of a hybrid of the classic LC-A & LC-A+. The main thing about this (as the name suggests) camera is that it’s wide! The wide angle lens ensures you capture a lot more than most cameras. But what I loved about this camera is that in addition to full frame, you could choose to shoot square frame or half frame. I obviously have different cameras that do all three of these but to have all three in one is pretty amazing. It has a light meter so you can shoot in almost any light, two distance settings only so you don’t have to worry too much about setting the focus right & of course it is compatible with the famous Krab (underwater housing) to take pool shots!

Also, the viewfinder is pretty inaccurate (parallax error)! A lot more than what you see in it ends up in the photo, I learnt that the hard way in photo #7. I was not planning to get any of the wall & I was planning to cut the girl off at the chest, & look how it ended up! I really should have leaned over the wall. But I do love that shot otherwise. I loved how her t-shirt matched the parked Chetak (it’s like India’s Vespa!)

Also, this has a glass lens just like the LC-A (unlike most other cameras I use) so it’s sharp. It’s very clear, plus it has great contrast & vignetting. Also it’s compact. A great all-round film camera for those who don’t want to have too many.

But I think know that the light meter of the LC-Wide I was using was a little off, all of the shots came out a little over exposed (too many blown out highlights in all these photos!) That was a bit of a bummer.

Check in here next week to see another roll with the LC-Wide, this time cross processed. x