This September a couple of friends & me visited Wendell Rodricks Design Space in Goa.
He’s prominent Indian fashion designer based out of Goa (which also happens to be my hometown!)
The Design Space comprises White room which displays the signature colour of the designer, the Men’s room dedicated to men’s clothing & accessories, the Salon, a lounge space that retails ladies wear and home linen in a home décor ambience.
At first I must admit I was a little intimidated to visit the place. But it turned out to be quite awesome. Love the minimalistic decor. The people who managed his store were very sweet, & they allowed us to take as many photos as we wanted! 🙂
Almost all of the clothes were cotton. Very breezy & light.
I went a little gaga over how nice all the clothes arranged in a neat color coded way looked on the racks, seeing as how my own wardrobe is always a huge huge mess. But I digress. Here are the photos I took, for your viewing pleasure.

 This was the lovely way to display clothes. I wish I had framed this shot better. Stupid Parallax errors!

This may not be the best photography I have displayed but it’s particularly special because it was one of the first rolls with my 1989 Lomo LC-A. If you’ve been reading Life etc., or my Facebook or Twitter you will realize that the analog bug has bit me hard in recent months.
These photos were taken at the beginning of the second roll promptly after I had finished the first. I didn’t really know what to expect. But some of the results were so exceptionally good & this is now my favorite camera!

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