A few photos from many months ago (11th June 2011) all taken with the Lomo LC-Wide at the Lomography Monsoon lomowalk (the first one I ever went for, yay!)

Prashin & me.
Deepa with a Sprocket Rocket.
I know you probably can’t tell very well but that’s Kunal about to take a photo of a cabbie with the Diana Mini, you can see it here.

LC-Wide x Kodak 400

All these photos were taken in town (Fort, around Churchgate etc.)
Not a big fan of how these look. I really dislike the rain & fact that the meter of this camera was slightly off (it overexposed). The sky looks white! (I really like blue skies). But that was still a fun day. My first lomowalk, I met some awesome people & the journey back was so much fun! (I don’t realize how much fun it is to terrorize people!)
Still posting photos I took months ago. Hopefully I will catch up soon so I can post only new stuff then. These are the last of the LC-Wide photos.
Bye for now!

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