Life in Lomo-tion

Just a quick post to let you know- I was (featured? quoted? mentioned?) in an article on Lomography India in yesterday’s Hindustan Times. This is the highest resolution image I could save from their epaper. Basically I’m quoted (with a self-portrait I took with my Russian Fed 5C) at the bottom right & a picture by me (which you may recognize from this post) is used at the top right (& the colors are completely off! Too bad).
Thank you to the folks at Lomography India & Radhika Raj, the journo who interviewed me. I didn’t even know the feature was coming out today until some of you tweeted me. It was quite exciting.


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  • Gabriela Dziki Photography

    This is really great:) 

  • I have started to shoot so much analog photos now, and I really am starting to love it. I have an old Zenit 11 – one of those really old Russian produced cameras that my father gave me. Do you have a smena? I have always wondered how those shoot…

  • Thanks Gabrielle. 🙂

  • Congrats! This is very exciting! 

  • Analog is beautiful. I'm glad you do, I visited your blog & your photos are lovely. I started analog shooting with Russian cameras (after lomography plastic/toy cameras) so I find myself quite attached to them, despite most photography websites dismissing them as horrible.
    I have two Smenas, the 8M as well as the Symbol. I bought them mint, one with a box too. Tested that the shutter works but haven't tried them with film yet. I promise to do it super soon.

  • Haha very! Thanks Jackie. 🙂