I love the sun. I love the warmth of it, I love how it feels on my skin & how it looks in photos. But of course India is a tropical country so the sun can get very very hot in summer, especially in the afternoon. And I love tanning, but the sun can cause so much more havoc like premature ageing & skin cancer! But because of this, some people believe that being out in the sun is dangerous. So I’m writing this post to tell you that the Sun is Fun!! Don’t hide from it, just be sun-smart. Here are my own personal tips for looking & feeling cool in summer.

Mudd Romper  //  Asos Bandeau Bikini (underneath the romper!)  //  Flip Flops, Beaded Anklet, Sunglasses from Bandra
These photos were taken on a very hot summer day in Goa. The first photo was taken early in the day, soon after I decided to go into the sea for a bit, almost drowned (ok I am exaggerating a little), & swallowed sea water (gross!) I felt like a drowned rat! The next photo was take after lunch when my hair had dried & I looked a little more presentable.
Things to remember on a beach trip are-
☀ Beach trips are about having fun! Don’t bother with too much makeup. I just put on a little kohl, don’t put too much of either because it will smudge! You could try waterproof mascara & even a chap stick with SPF.
☀ Do not forget sunscreen (& make sure it’s waterproof!) It is an absolute essential. Carry the bottle along because you’re gonna have to re-apply at some point in the day.
☀ Lay off the jewellery. If you’re gonna take a dip in the water (& I hope you will, because it’s so much fun), the waves are very likely to carry your precious trinkets away. Stick to stud earrings. I wore a cheap anklet, I have a couple of them so I wouldn’t mind if one got lost.
☀ Wear sunglasses! They keep you looking cool & they’re good for your eyes.
☀ Hats / caps are great! I love straw hats when in Goa. They not only look cute, but their wide brim protects you from the sun.
☀ Don’t wear anything too long, or heavy like jeans. Stick to shorts & beach dresses, preferably cotton. Rompers like mine are great too! Oh & try not to wear strapless though, I just missed having a little wardrobe malfunction. Dress to be cool & comfy. 🙂
☀ Umbrellas are great for a day at the beach! ☂ Most beaches in popular tourist spots do have deck chairs & umbrellas.
☀ Don’t forget the summer drinks… Beer keeps you cool when you’re feeling hot, & I love my fresh lime soda.
☀ Don’t forget your mp3 player to play those classic summer feel good songs.
That’s my way of living it up in summer! Do share your tips in the comments! I hope you get time to travel a little this summer, but wherever you go, stay safe, & in the wise words of Baz Luhrmann, “Wear Sunscreen!