For three & a half years, I’ve used the same Hello Kitty wallet (it can be seen in this post). As mentioned in that post, it was a gift from a once close friend who I don’t see much of since I moved & we’re no longer in the same college. But I digress… back to the wallet, it’s faux leather, & despite the hello kitties on the outside, unbranded. I’ve never even used a cell phone that as long as I’ve used the wallet. And despite the fact that it gets handled a lot, it is still in very good condition (save for some minor fraying on the inside).
But for some time now I’ve been on the lookout for a new one. I was very comfortable with the overall shape/layout of the old one so I wanted something similar but with more pockets, & more classic looking.
So the other day mom & me were at Shoppers Stop & we were browsing through the leather good when we came across the Blue & Blues section. They had some colorful leather wallets, but what caught my attention was this gorgeous brown wallet.

It’s similar to my older one but with more pockets (see my lovely Life etc. business cards!) & everything about it is perfect. I didn’t know a simple wallet could make me so happy, but it does. 🙂
Also, though this is labelled a ‘stuff I bought’ post, my mom actually bought me this, so thank you mom!