An outfit post, inspired by a D H Lawrence classic (& the Penguin notebook I bought), as well as this lovely dress from French Connection’s Spring Summer 2012 collection.

French Connection dress // Coffee Tattlys by Julia Rothman // fabulloso box bag // Leather sandals from Bandra

The first true ‘what I wore’ post I’ve done in a while. I had a lot of gusto for doing it last year, but eventually that gusto seemed to fade & I went a few months (the whole of the monsoons & winters, actually) But when I recently bought this dress & knew I wanted to style it & share it on this blog. 🙂

I love love love this French Connection dress. They have it in about four variants (different shades, similar print & same cut), this one appealed to me most because of the bright colors. Summer dresses are my favorite! This one runs slightly large, actually but you can’t tell much because of the sash. It will fit easily even if I gain a few kilos, & that’s a plus point in my book. And when I brought the dress home & looked into my box I was happy to see that my coral Maybelline nailpolish matched the dress perfectly! Coral is such a pretty shade.

I’ve always been the (permanent) tattoo kind of girl, but at the start of this year I gifted myself a ‘subscription’ to tattly, I get new ones in the mail every month. I am starting to enjoy how fun & non committal temporary tattoos are. “Life is too short to drink bad wine and wear ugly temporary tattoos.” -Tattly founder Tina Roth Eisenberg. A lot of people think they’re overpriced. I won’t deny that they are on the pricier side as far as temporary tattoos go, but they’re drawings by amazing artists (like Marc Johns & Julia Rothman, to name two) & they last quite a while too, so I think the price is justified. Mom & me both put on tattlys from their coffee set & went to the coffee shop straight afterwards. It was fun. 😀

I think I’m going to make it a tradition of taking instax photos of an outfit! The one with mom & me was a self timer win! Oh & I must mention that all my outfit photos, including this one are taken by mom (it’s mentioned on my FAQ page too). She was just complaining about how I trouble her so much to take these & don’t give her due credit, so here you are, mom!