These pictures are from the mini vacation at VITS hotel earlier this month. I love cafés everywhere for the wonderful ambiance (except for Café Coffee Day, that’s like this McDonalds of cafés.) We’ve been going to VITS hotel for so many years now, I’ve always seen this cafe (it’s simply called ‘The Coffee Shop’) from the outside, & it always looked very inviting, but we had never entered the place (we’re both such lazy bums, ha!)
This time we were there I finally managed to wake mom up & drag her down & I so glad I did.
It’s supposed to be a 24 hour café, but when we went (probably in time for brunch) there was nobody there. The waiters of course politely led us in, turned on all the light & even played some music. We had the place all to ourselves.
We loved the painted door, very artistic.
Truly very well decorated & large too. Notice the ‘artist’ newsprint chairs.This map theme was lovely & featured on all their crockery & cutlery (even the salt & pepper shakers)I forgot what this sandwich was called, but it was grilled perfectly had both cold cuts & veggies. Also the fries were just right (& that is rare! To me they’re always over/under cooked). Very yummy.The cappuccino & latte. Overall it was definitely one of the best cafés I’ve been to in a while. Great ambiance, friendly staff & good food.

Oh & there’s something else worth showing you- mom & me put on coffee tattlys before going there!
Some instaxes from that day.
There’s a post on my style blog with what I wore that day as well.


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