I’ve been using the Dynomighty Comic Book Mighty Wallet that I’ve been using for the last month or so, & figured it would be a good time to review it.

I was just browsing eBay one day when I came across the Mighty Wallets from Dynomighty. I spent an hour or so obsessively reading about them. They’re very unconventional – they’re made from tyvek, the same material that is used to make express mail envelopes. After browsing their awesome collection, I ordered this beautiful Comic Book wallet. I love comic art & these images are taken from the Golden Age of Comics (late 1930s-late 1940s). I love that vampy looking pinup girl on the outside.

Here’s a video featuring the same wallet… it’s great to see the features as well as the unconventional structure.

I already had a somewhat new leather purse in use, but when I saw this & really wanted it, I started to make a ton of excuses to buy it – It’s monsoon! Leather will spoil! This one is waterproof.
The thing that really spoke to me is the print. I also love that it’s made from 25% recycled materials. The look & even feel of it is similar to paper but it’s made of Tyvek (plastic fibres meshed together irregularly) so it’s extremely tough. Also, it’s completely seamless so it can’t just come undone. And it’s ridiculously thin, so much so that whenever I put it in the back pocket of jeans or in my bag, I have mini heart attacks checking for it because I can’t feel it easily (you can actually see a good side view of the wallet in this outfit post).
About the actual usability of the wallet- I came from using a large leather purse which I could easily stuff a lot of random things into (like a flash drive, etc.) This obviously doesn’t have place for that. It’s supposed to store up to 16 credit cards, but there are just two credit card type pockets & you have to pile them in there – I’m not too happy with that. The design means that it’s made up of a decent number of slots but no pocket – nowhere to store change other than my jeans, & it’s a pain to remember to carry change separately. What they bill as a pocket for visiting cards in the video is not very practical, if you don’t hold the wallet properly at all times your visiting cards can be all over the floor.
I love the print very much (they have a very large number of fun & funky prints to choose from) & the idea behind this wallets but I don’t think they’re fun to use at all (for me).
In conclusion, if you’re someone who is very minimalistic with their wallet needs (you know, just bills!) this is right for you but if you’re someone who loves to stuff an inordinate number of things in their wallet (like me!), this is probably not the one for you.