It’s about time for another instagram post, right?

The first two were taken at Bandra Bandstand. The third is my new camera- The Fujifilm X100. I’ve had it for for a very short time & already love it. You can see some photos I’ve taken with it here. More on the camera soon! Also I have The Dark Knight Rises tickets for this evening. I love Chris Nolan & am beyond excited for the film (I’ve been avoiding reviews for the film, even the spoiler free ones. I want to form my own opinion about the film).
This could have been a my week in pictures post but it isn’t because these weren’t taken in the same week! Yes life has been slow & I’m not complaining… I really needed this; though I’m still pretty sleep deprived from my odd sleep patterns & staying up all night watch rare David Bowie videos on Youtube.
As I’ve decided that I find freelance photography a rather exciting thing to do right now, I’ve started working on an online portfolio & it’s nerve wracking, I tell you. Blogging is relatively easy but here I really have to obsess about putting up my best work. And I’m quite a poor judge of that because I’m very sentimental & hence partial to certain photos as well as easily distracted by pretty things in photos rather than the photo itself. Drat. I give myself 10th August to get it up & running.
From August onwards I’ll be using a new web portal to sell my sidebar ads (it’ll be easier for my sponsors & me, more transparent plus there’ll be stats!) I’ve giving away small ad spaces free in August!  (Total 6) Keep a 200 x 70 pixel image ready if you’re interested in snagging one. It’ll be first come, first serve basis. The giveaway post will be up here on 9AM IST August 1st.
I’m taking a trip to New Delhi in 11 days for a work + fun (multitasking is awesome) & I’m pretty excited. I’ve never been there before & I’m putting my negative feelings aside for a bit & hoping to have a good time with loads of sightseeing, shopping & eating & of course a ton of photos. I’m going to be staying at Apartment 18 in Greater Kailash area & I’m asking for your recommendations – cutesy cafés? Great places to eat? Unique street shopping? Let me know!