I’m just back from watching The Dark Knight Rises & it literally figuratively blew my mind. (The only way I could literally have my mind blown is if I was a senior scanner up against Revok, really).
So this is not so much a serious review post, more of a post appreciating how amazing & flawless all aspects of the film were (with no spoilers!) – the acting, writing, dialogues, stunts, cinematography, film score & all that. Even I, with my super critical eye found just one continuity error. There were a few plot holes too but we can all forgive that because it’s a superhero film right?!
I had goosebumps on my legs for a large part of the film – the twists are amazing too. I’ve been a fan of Christopher Nolan since I saw The Prestige, & I don’t think anyone could have handled the Batman series better – thank you for making such a non-campy superhero trilogy.
Also I’m always one who hates seeing films in the cinema due to those few boisterous people who pass comments loudly & are overall annoying, but here seeing it it a packed theatre really added to the whole experience.
Ok I’m going to stop gushing now… have you seen the film? Do share your (spoiler free) thoughts in the comments.