Photography is a very big part of my life & I’m very excited to introduce you to my latest photography gear. I have both a brand new (digital) camera & an amazing new camera bag to carry my stuff in. Both things are very stylish & very functional, a great combination that’s not easy to find. And I decided that these photos, taken during personal style shoot are the perfect way to show you. (hop on over there to see my monsoon-friendly outfit!)

The Camera – Fujifilm Finepix X100


This is my newest digital camera. I had infact prepared a lengthier explanation for why I chose this camera, but I erased it because I don’t have to justify new purchases to you guys right? I ordered online & was a very impatient, nervous wreck till it arrived. (safely, I must add. Thank you flipkart for giving me place to order online when I’m too lazy to wander in search of a camera shop that stocks it.)

Anyway I’m in love with the image quality & retro styling & the capabilities of this camera constantly amaze me. It’s been forever since I’ve had a new digital camera (I’m not counting upgrading from a Canon EOS 1000D to 550D as new, only because much of the controls were the same). If you read reviews of the X100, you’ll know that the menu can be slightly muddled. Also I’m having a bit of trouble using auto focus correctly. But  the light rendered by this camera is unlike any other (& since it’s a fujifilm camera, it has ‘film simulation modes’  to imitate colors  & tones of three of their most famous films- Astia, Provia & Velvia.
This is going to Delhi with me & you will be seeing a lot more photos taken with this camera on here.

The Camera Bag – Georgia Nautical Bag from Jo Totes

As much as I loved the first camera bag I bought it 2010 with my first salary, I noticed several flaws in it that we become quite the hinderance – I didn’t enjoy coming home from a day trip in the city to very bad shoulder & back pain. Plus, it was old so I was definitely in the market for a new one. I am not the kind of person that needs to be dressed stylishly all the time (far from it, actually). But having or wearing pretty things is an instant mood booster. I was very excited to receive this bag from Jo Totes (I’ve talked about it briefly before).  It looks & feels absolutely lovely, comes with three adjustable dividers (in the photo below I’ve put just two) & it just the right size for me. Not too large, but roomy enough to hold everything I need. Also it has a removable shoulder pad, so the strap is quite comfortable even if you really load up the bag.
There are two pockets under the flap great for cell phone & makeup, the main compartment is obviously for cameras but there’s a little zip pocket in there where I store my LensPen(very nifty tool to clean camera lenses) & an extra pack on instax film. Also business card holder, notepad & pen.
And lastly, there’s a zipper pocket at the back that will fit the iPad!

I couldn’t be happier with both these things & I’m definitely going to be carrying them around Delhi.

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