Yesterday I discovered this surrealist art by Chilean artist Fabian Ciraolo. His work is about blending the old with the new & he’s created numerous stunning pieces featuring pop culture icons in a more modern & sometimes risqué setting.

It all started with me stumbling on the image of tattoeed, badass looking Frida Kahlo wearing a Daft Punk t-shirt, & very soon I found myself immersed in the rest of Fabian’s work… the ones I’ve featured here include Elizabeth TaylorChe Guevara, Judy Garland, Frida Kahlo, Princess Diana, Johnny Depp, Pablo Picasso & Coco Chanel & Karl Lagerfeld (styled like the Michaelangelo’s Pietà!)

He also has a series of comic book super heroes done in a similar way. You can find his work on his blog.

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