In Loving Memory top c/o Bhikari Chic // Lomography Pinback Button // Amethyst Bracelet c/o RasBeads // Pieces by Vero Moda Multi-beaded Bracelet // Rajnikant bag c/o Golmaal // Lee jeans (old) // Lilac Keds
Just a casual outfit for a long day of exploring & shopping. I fell in love with this top from Bhikari Chic the moment I saw it, what makes it funnier for me is that it declares photographic film is dead, & shooting with film is one of my favorite things to do, ever! Bhikari Chic is a small, Delhi based operation by a designer / photographer duo, Gargi & Yaman. They have a lot of other clever, tongue-in-cheek Indian designs that won’t break the bank. And this is not just for the ladies – their designs are available for men, too!
And since the top has a film canister on it, I added the tiny lomography pin that’s an ode to my favorite film camera of all time, the Lomo LC-A.
I’d like to take a moment to mention the simple & beautiful Amethyst bracelet that RasBeads sent me (sadly it can’t be seen too clearly in any of these photos, but it’s perfectly visible here). Although I had a crazy costume jewelery phase for a couple of years during my early teens, over the years (with help from my mom) I’ve learnt to appreciate real jewelery. RasBeads is a family business that still believes in old fashions values – though they may not have an extensive range with different styles, they only use the best quality semi-precious stones.
This Rajnikant bag from Golmaal stores was a surprise gift from Simrita, the lovely head designer there. I remember tearing open the packaging wondering what was inside… first, I noticed that it was cotton. OK, it’s a money print cotton tote. But noticing that Rajnikant was inside the notes was the cherry on top. For the uninitiated, Rajnikant is a larger-than-life South Indian film star (some people there actually worship him). He’s always been insanely popular, but that has increased even more with the spread of ‘Rajnikant jokes’ (nothing but Chuck Norris jokes with the name changed) inspired by the ridiculous fight scenes in most of his films. So yeah, putting an Indian pop culture icon on a bag is such a fabulous thing, & I’d gladly buy these again & again!

Here’s a picture of my mom, the lady behind the camera for every one of the outfit posts on this blog. We may drive each other crazy during these ‘shoots’ but we get it done. Since this is a style blog & all, she’s wearing a cotton kurta from some random boutique (she doesn’t remember & there aren’t any tags)  & carrying the Georgia Nautical Bag by Jo Totes (it’s perfect to carry my cameras around in).

Ending this with a picture of many crabs on the tetrapods at Marine Drive. You probably can’t tell from the picture but these were huge. I’m terrified of crabs – I can’t be the only one, right?