As the sea is blue, the sea waves are true, good fortune is coming to you.  ☺
Let’s take a small break from travel-related content because Fortune Cookie. They never serve these in Indian Chinese restaurants so for the longest time I only saw these in movies (Micky Blue Eyes, Freaky Friday) & tv shows.
About a month ago I was lunching with mom at my favorite local Chinese restaurant & when she put her hand into the mug they present the bill in she found two of these. Since they were packed the only logical thing to do, being a blogger & all was to bring mine home & make a mini-ceremony out of cracking it. I suspect this company only makes cookies with positive, feel-good fortunes, but it was still quite exciting (also the cookie was yum!)
Now I carry this around in my purse & it makes me grin whenever I look at it. One can never have too much good fortune, no? I hope looking at these pictures send you some good fortune too. 😉