Since India Design forum is happening so soon, this week is going to be all about design. Other than the official design week events, I took a design walk of my own to visit some places I’d been meaning to go for a while & one of them was Filter.
Tucked away in a tiny lane of Kala Ghoda (Mumbai’s art district), it’s a bright store selling a host of design conscious item from India & elsewhere (Filter is named so because it filters out the riff-raff).
Clear Conscience (eco friendly) detergent, chocolates with very Indian flavors – nimboo (lime), dalchini (cinnamon), etc.Reprints of vintage journals & pamphlets.Notebooks bound with actual vintage paper.The Inega calendar & various prints (I really liked the self-raising flour sack print in the middle).The famous & very cool Indian Stretchable Time watch by Hyphen (available only here!)
Indians have a reputation for being perpetually late, so the digits on this watch are intentionally off. Read more about it on designboom.
Zines & journals from around the world.

There are a lot of things that I didn’t manage to get in these photos (like t-shirts & magnets) but this is a well curated shop with a lot of interesting things. If you love design, you have to go!

Filter, 43 V B Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400001
Find them: facebook

I hope you like store photos because I have another lovely store feature tomorrow.