April is always exciting, being my birthday month & all. It also the month Mumbai properly gets into summer, & boy is it hot! I also made a trip to Mangalore with mom, which has become an annual occurrence of late. Exam fever dominated most of April (I didn’t get much studying done, there was a lot of worrying / procrastinating / stressing, you know?) Anyway my exams start today, wish me luck!

Watching… Seinfeld – LOVE LOVE LOVE. I know it’s weird that I’m watching it for the first time (I have got some shocked reactions from people) but I’m happy that I’m getting to see it for the first time. Also Happy Ending, Psych & Criminal Minds.
Listening… David Bowie, Queen & Blondie
Reading… Blogs, etc.
Cooking… Pastas, bagels etc.
Buying… Something very special from London (thank you mom & dad!) The cat will be out of the bag soon.
Looking forward to… My exams being over. I feel like everything else is on hold till then. May 10th is not far away, though 🙂