Watching… May was a month of season finales, so I’m not all that excited about having to wait many months for my favorite shows to come back. I found out that one of my absolute favorite TV shows, Happy Endings got cancelled so boo that. I’ve binged on Seinfeld the whole month & now I’m mid-way through the final season. I’ve terrified that I’ll have nothing good to watch soon, so any recommendations would be appreciated!

Listening… Bowie, Hall & Oates, Jamiroquai, pretty standard. But in new discoveries I’ve found that I really like the Heroes & Low Symphonies (especially Some Are from the latter) by Philip Glass based on the albums by David Bowie. Really opening up to more classical music.

Reading… Blogs, obsessively so. But I found that the pesky akismet plugin most WordPress bloggers have been using to combat spam has been wrongly sending my comments there. It’s very frustrating, I’m hoping they’ll sort it out soon. Till then maybe take a peek in your spam folder & see if you have a spam comment from me?

Cooking… Pasta, veggie salads & grilled sandwiches.

Buying… A little too much makeup & skincare. There are so many pretty products out there, & I really have to find a way to curb these Pokémon-like feelings I’m having (Gotta catch have ’em all!)

Looking forward to… the onset of Monsoon, dad coming home.

It’s gotten so hot this month that I feel like all I can talk about is the freakin’ weather. Luckily this might be the end of it as it just rained (with lightning + thunder!) yesterday.
Oh, I also got nominated for a Cosmopolitan blog award, which has been a wonderful surprise.
Ada made it over to India (for the first time) so I’ll be showing her the sights.
And lastly I went ahead & got heavy bangs – They’re pretty high maintenance (relative to my past haircuts, at least) but I rather like them.

What was your May like? I’d love to know the first thing that comes to mind when you think back.