When I was little (say around 3-4 years old) if anyone asked me what my favorite color was it would always be orange. Then little later that changed & I spent the next 10 years or so completely in love with pink. After that, well I guess it was just pink detox stage because I had far too many pink things & I was completely sick of it. Overdo / Detox is just a constant cycle in my life, y’know?

The Lab oversized tshirt // Westside skirt (c. A/W 2012) // bag & pinback button, David Bowie Is collection at V&A Shop
on my lips: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Smitten // on my nails: fingers – OPI Big Apple Red + Maybelline Colorama Glitter Prata toes: Colorbar nail laquer in Tangerine Mojito

Ever since I decided to stop rebonding my hair & knew I wanted to do something a bit different so I went ahead & got bangs. I obsessed for days about the length, shape, where I would get it cut etc. & then one day I just cut it myself. It turned out quite OK & I like wearing them, despite the fact that they’re a pain in the backside to style. Everyone seems to liken bangs to Zooey Deschanel, while she’s cute & all, my inspiration was decidedly more old school. That doesn’t stop my dad from singing the New Girl theme at least three times daily just to tease me. 
This outfit was my absolute summer uniform. It got so unbearably hot in May that even jeans became too difficult to wear. An airy skirt & light, oversized top were the perfect combo. Only difference was that my hair was usually tied. But by the the time I finally decided to take photos for the blog, kaboom! It was raining all the time, hence the sloppy indoor pictures & extra ashy legs. You can tell that I plan things so well.
I’m a massive David Bowie fan (devotee? follower?) & was gutted that I couldn’t travel to London to visit David Bowie Is at the Victoria & Albert museum, so my mom gifted me some things from their web-store would be less sad.
As I said earlier, orange has been my favorite color recently. In summer it feels perfect because, well it’s summer. And in the monsoon it’s just the kind of color to brighten up a dull day. I’ve had this Colorbar nail polish for a few months now & I love everything about it, right from the formula to the intensity.