I first started reading about different orange lipsticks late last year. I wanted to get my hands on one but even brands that make Orange lipstick (such as Revlon) don’t stock it in India (what’s new eh?) And a few other brands such as Chambor that had orange lipsticks available here discontinued them. I went to the Chambor counter & the sales assistant tried to sell me a completely different, more expensive lipstick insisting that it was the same thing… but that’s a story for another day. I got so, so obsessed that the elusive orange lipstick even haunted my dreams. Then I got this & I could sleep easy at night.
The Colorbar Definer Lip Liner – 007 Sizzling Orange* is a lovely warm orange waterproof lip liner.
The standard Colorbar outer packaging – silver & very reflective!

I adore the look of this pencil – it looks very sleek & classy. Some of my other lip liners have a transparent plastic lid but this has an opaque black one. The pencil has to be sharpened but the lid has a concealed sharpener, which is quite nice. Sharpening does cause a little bit of wastage but it allows you to get a very precise tip, besides you don’t have to sharpen it very often if you don’t want to. 
The texture if nice – it’s soft enough to glide on super smooth but not so soft that it would break (I hate it when lip/eye pencils do that!) No swatches for now… but color wise, what you see is what you get. A warm orange that I can quite confidently say will suit all Indians (as 98% of us, me included have warm undertones). It’s not too loud or in your face so I don’t think wearing this requires a lot of guts or anything! 😉 It can easily be used as a lipstick as well, it dries to a nice matte finish (but I prefer using it as a liner only so it lasts longer… I finally found my perfect orange lipstick, I’ll do a look soon!) Since it’s matte, it might be a tad drying if you use it all over your lips, so make sure they’re sufficiently exfoliated & moisturised.

Update: I did a look with this lip liner (with swatches as well): Face of the Day | I *really* LOVE Orange.

Price: ₹550 for 1.5 gms.
The Colorbar Definer Lip Liner in Sizzling Orange is a complete winner in my book. Everything about it is pretty much perfect. This was one of the first things I used from the brand & I bought quite a few Colorbar products afterwards. The price is slightly steep *sad face* but I think the product is worth the cost. If you (like me!) were looking for a nice wearable orange lipstick, definitely consider this one. It’s available in a total of 8 shades, I’m very much eyeing the red & berry shades too.