It’s been a while since I bought & featured a zine (9 months to be exact) but I’m hoping this one will make up for it. 100% Zine founded by Sameer Kulavoor & Lokesh Karekar is India’s first visual art zine. It gets it’s name from the fact that each issue has a 100% focus on a single topic. The theme for this issue is Local.

12 artists from around Asia contributed to this issue, showcasing their idea of local. Here are some of my favorites:
While most of us are used to zines being small, I was rather surprised to find a big envelope land up at my door… this zine is big! The paper quality is superb too, it’s made so you can easily frame one or all of the artworks insides. It’s a stunning zine & I’m proud that it’s Indian. If you’re into visual arts / zine collecting etc., you must look this up.
100% ZINE is on facebook too.