This week I’ve been big on foot care! Yesterday I talked about a foot soap I recently got.

If I had to make a hierarchy of my favorite scents, lemongrass would definitely be in the top 5. It’s a very subtle citrus scent that I find very energising & relaxing at the same time. I don’t visit spas too often (hey, a girl needs to budget / prioritise!) but I use lemongrass products (such as scented candles) whenever I want to get a spa experience at home.

Last year I went for my first ever foot massage. At the end, the therapist generously sprayed some lemongrass spray from a square shaped plastic bottle. Although the massage was pretty fabulous, the spray was the bit that really stayed with me. I kept raving about it to my mom later – too bad I didn’t ask to see which brand it was from!

Fast forward to two months ago, when I entered The Nature’s Co. store for the first time. I saw this on the shelves & bingo! I knew I had found it (who can mistake the distinctive square bottle, right?)

I’ve been using the Lemongrass Foot Spray all of this month – It’s a product that can be used all the year round but becomes especially relevant in the summer & monsoon. Read on to know what I thought.

Price: ₹495 for 100ml

What they say: Nature’s own fresheners; Instantly revive and energize tired feet; Leaves feet smelling fresh!

This excellent foot spray is infused with nature’s own fresheners – lemongrass, patchouli and tea tree oils which instantly revive and energize tired feet while leaving them smelling fresh! The stimulating agents of menthol and aloe vera will leave you with a spring in your feet. Spritz before a long day to protect and at the end of the day to energize feet and banish odour.

The packaging is simple but very functional. Don’t you just hate it when you lose / break the caps on spray bottles (the folks at L’Occitane India think it’s OK to send send buyers things with broken caps). As you can see below, this spray bottle has two caps so you don’t have to worry. That makes it very travel friendly.

This spray can be used in many ways – you can spray it before you leave home in the morning or after you get home from a long day too. And you can spray it just after a shower because it smells so dang nice (no floral notes in it, so it’s very unisex).

If you (like me) have been avoiding heavy foot creams because they end up making your feet even soggier, you’ll like this. In dries very quickly (30 seconds – 1 minute depending on how much you spray) & leaves your feet feeling fresh & cleaner without any additional stickiness. What’s more, the essential oils used are known for their anti bacterial properties.

I got sucked in by the scent but I’ve continued using this for the antibacterial / deodorising properties. This is a must have, especially if your feet get wet either with the rains or sweat. It’s a definite repurchase as far as I’m concerned.