I’ve said this once & I’ll say it again – testing beauty products & tools has to be one of my favorite parts of being a blogger. Sometimes, I’ll compare very whimsical products (which is the best blue mascara out there?) While they aren’t necessities, they’re fun to use. But more often than not, I find myself feverishly testing products because they serve to fix a personal beauty problem I’m experiencing.

While my daily beauty routine can be quite minimal, I do have hair that’s naturally quite prone to frizz. Add Mumbai’s tropical climate into the mix (90% humidity today & it’s not even raining!)

I’ve spent many years (& more money than I’d care to admit) searching for the perfect hair dryer. I’ve bought cheap ones & expensive ones. They’ve usually been pleasing in some ways, but unusable in others.

So when I tried the Syska Trendsetter HD1605W Hair Dryer,  I didn’t really know what to expect & that’s what made using it even more enjoyable.


• Soft white design.

• Compact design, foldable handle.

• Two speed functions.

• Quiet design.

• Health Breeze & Heat Balance Technologies – to ensure your hair doesn’t get heat damaged & warm air is distributed evenly.

• Crafted in Korea.

• Two Years Warranty

My Experience

Whenever I try anything new, my first impressions are based on the design & I really like how this looks – the mostly white design with silver & transparent accents makes it look quite chic.

I travel a lot, so I immediately loved how compact this dryer was – most hotel rooms have dryers, but they’re pretty weak & take forever to actually dry my thick hair. Once, I was so exasperated that I ended up buying a very pricey salon grade dryer – sounds good right? Except, nobody told me how heavy it would be or that it would tire out my hands within two minutes of holding it. Lesson learnt; leave the salon hair dryers to the actually hairstyling professionals. I was still on the lookout, for some practical yet easy to use.

The Syska Trendsetter dryer is a respectable 1000W, so it has a good amount of power & airflow without ever getting too hot or too noisy. The power cord is long which is always handy as my plug point isn’t near the mirror & I can easily use this without resorting to an extension box.Syska Hair Dryer

The dryer works efficiently & dries my short but thick hair within just about five minutes. I’ve used to for regularly for around three weeks the heat is just right to leave my hair sleek & shiny without causing damage (although I always use a heat protectant before using hot tools).

You get just the dryer in the box, there are no extra nozzles or attachments. The transparent end works reasonably well as a concentrator, but there is no separate diffuser. I’ve never actually used a diffuser though, as it works better on volumising finer hair, I think this dryer is just perfect for everyday (or every wash) use when I’m at home or elsewhere.

In Conclusion

I’ve really liked using this dryer, it helps keep my hair looking good without damage, is quick & easy to use, compact to travel with (because who has extra luggage space anyway?)

The Syska Trendsetter HD1605 Hair Dryer is priced really affordably at just ₹ 1,150 although you can get it even cheaper online. If you’re in the market for a new dryer, I would definitely recommend checking this one out!

You can buy this product on Amazon & even checkout the entire range of Syska Personal Care Products for men & women.

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