A little while ago I said I would be reviewing my new favorite shower gel soon. And since I’m not someone to promise & not deliver, here it is! I probably should let you know upfront that this is going to be more of a rave than a review, because…. you’ll get to know soon. 😉
Fruittini Cherry Vanilla Shower Gel* is a (you guessed it!) red color, cherry & vanilla flavored showed gel that comes in a pretty unique pack. Now that we’ve gotten the painfully obvious details aside, let’s move on to the finer points.

Price: ₹750 for 250ml.

The pack is hard plastic & feels nice & solid (you shouldn’t have to worry about leakages if you choose to travel with it) The ‘hook’ style packaging surely is interesting – I vaguely remember some brand (maybe Lux?) having a similar hook on shower creme when I was very little (possibly 3-4). Not that a good 18 years have passed since then, I wasn’t able to find any ad to substantiate it, but I’ve always wondered why there weren’t more hooks on a shower gels. Here’s a little picture from their website on how to use it- 
As you can see, you can remove the hook from the top & affix it to the bottom for even more shower convenience. Even though a full bottle of this stuff (250ml) isn’t all that light, I found the hook to attach securely both on the top & bottom.
Like most all Fruttini products (I reviewed the Milky Orange body lotion a little while ago) the scent of this product is quite strong, so do pick ‘flavors’ you like. While I was a little here & there on the scent of the body lotion (love orange but the smell of milk isn’t my favorite) I absofrikinlutely love this one. I’ve professed my love for vanilla fragranced products numerous times & the addition of cherry just takes it to the next level. It doesn’t smell artificial or cloying at any point & it does contain real cherry extract (the cherry fragrance is much more prominent than the vanilla, in case you’re curious).
This isn’t the very best in the lather department – I don’t mind it, but if you’re a fan of the foam don’t skip a loofah. The gel is fairly thick in consistency & it doesn’t feel sticky or difficult to wash off. My skin did feel a bit of a moisture boost but if you tend to have drier skin, don’t think you can skip the body lotion. The fragrance lingers a good few hours.
I’m a shower gel hoarder & this is by far my favorite one. If you’re into really yum-smelling body washes (& a host of other products) in truly edible flavors do check out the Fruttini India rage on their website.