Every now an then I come across a service that’s so ingenious, so helpful & so unique that I wonder, ‘Why didn’t anyone think of it earlier?’ Foodees is one such service. Sidenote: So I’m pretty much established from the onset that this rave. This is why I’ll never be a successful writer / comedian, I don’t do excessive buildup or saving the punchline for the end.

What caught my eye at first was the lovely logo. So minimal & well designed. I know that has nothing to do with the food they deliver, but I thought we could reflect on it for a bit. Here’s some more on the company-
Two Foodees of their own kind, one who experiments with eating and the other with cooking came together to form the company. The idea is to compliment each others skillet and to cater to Foodees all over Mumbai.
Focus from the start has been on convenience & costs. We offer single day trials and a Foodee can customize their meals and get charged accordingly. 
We are doing our best to fine tune the cost, quality, variety and most importantly tastes.
We do it all for the love of food. Hence the logo, the menu, the meal plans which is revised fortnightly. Which lets the Foodee tryout and enjoy different tastes. Which more importantly allows our chef, more room for experimentation.
We offer varied meal plans. From Salads, Soups, Sandwiches to Indian & Multi-Cuisine. All for both Vegetarians & Non Vegetarians. We use the Mumbai Dabbawalas for delivery.
I’ve only had one tiffin service experience before this- a lady used to sell tiffins at our school lunch break. The food was very simple, usually just one bhaji with chapatis (I disliked rice anyway). Since then I’ve come to equate tiffin food with that simple, home cooked meal.
So I was quite surprised that Foodees offer multiple meal options on a daily basis. Not just vegetarian & non vegetarian but Salad, Sandwich, Multi Cuisine & Indian under those. They deliver all over the city (although they also run an all day sandwich service that delivers in Lokhandwala only).
Their website still isn’t up yet (will update this when it is) but they’re currently operating out of their facebook page. At the start of every week they post the menu on their page & you can send in your choices.
I tried out the non veg multi cuisine as well as salad options on two separate days. On the first day, it was really pouring but the dabbawalla was still here just 10 minutes past noon with two tiffin carriers (waterproof so the food inside was dry!)

Incidentally, both times I got the multi cuisine dish they were having Chinese / oriental type dishes (not authentic but the beloved Bombay Chinese a lot of us love). The standout thing for me was the salad. It was fresh, had a nice mix of flavors & was not at all ‘boring’ & the dressings were delicious but not heavy. I think even non-salad lovers could be convinced to tuck in. But mom & me love salad (I even nicknamed her crazy salad lady) so we hogged away happily.
I found the food delicious, fresh & quite affordable. It’s a great option for working folks or those that work from home too. I know I’ll probably subscribe the next time I’m home alone (I can never be bothered to cook for one).
Have you ever tried a Tiffin Service? Did you like it?