Breton tee from Bandra | Lee Jeans | Case-Mate Flamingo iPhone case* | Original tall gloss Hunter boots {in cranberry}

The written part of this post is pretty long & perhaps you might find it meaningless. I’m in a rambly mood, so I managed three paragraphs of ranting & another three just talking about the shoes. Read at your own risk.

You don’t have to read this if you don’t want to, it isn’t really related to the outfit except that it is!

Ever so often I have a bit of a blogging crisis. Back in early 2009 when I first started my lifestyle blog, people thought all blogs were tech blogs, & everyone talked about the oodles of money one could make from it. People blogging about any other topics were virtually unheard of, or their blogs were just dismissed as TMI personal diaries. Obviously, the perception of blogging has grown in leaps & bounds since then.

This blog was started in mid 2009 when the only Indian fashion blogger I properly knew was Karishma of Purple Peeptoes (her blog was the inspiration I needed to start my own!) I’m sure there were a few more but I didn’t know them. There has been an explosion of new fashion bloggers in the Mumbai blogging scene especially since last year, & I think it’s absolutely fabulous. But with that has come a lot of stereotyping. Fashion bloggers are all supposed to be this homogenous breed of women that wear sky-high heels with top knots, who all attend Fashion Weeks, watch Sex & the City. Again, there’s nothing wrong with doing / liking those things but when everyone is expected to like the same things, that’s when the problem arises. I know people are stereotyped all the time, especially women so maybe I’m just finding this irksome because it’s new. I started blogging about my outfits because I liked the idea of an individual showing off their real, personal sense of style (if that makes any sense).

I’ve thought of stopping outfit posts here because I don’t really have anything that new or innovative to show off. Nine out of ten posts here include jeans & I strongly favor basics. But after a bit of soul searching (ok, just being dramatic) I’ve decided to keep doing outfit posts for the very reason I started. Even if they’re not very daring, they’re pictures of outfits I wore, saved for posterity if nothing else. As my style & even body shape changes, as I ‘age’ & hairdos change, I like looking back at them all. There, I feel a weight off my chest already! Now onto the outfit details 😉

Monsoon in Mumbai isn’t my favorite time. I don’t play in the rains & you might think I’m a killjoy or terribly unromantic but other than the pleasantly cool weather after the hot summer, I’ve hate just about everything that comes with the rain ever since I was little. But wellies make the whole thing insanely more bearable, even fun. I managed one outfit post last monsoon so I decided it was time for a redux. Gosh, I sound like I’m being sponsored, but no. Even though I bought these with my hard earned cash & they’re pricier than most shoes I own, they are worth every penny- comfortable & stylish. The roads can get filthy with potholes but these are just a joy to walk in. I don’t get my feet dirty or wet in any way – I just get home, remove my boots & they’re fresh as daisies.
More strangers have approached me asking about these babies than other other item I own. I sure do hope that Hunter Wellies start retailing locally soon, they would do so well here. But until then I will enjoy having a very unique, rare pair of shoes (in Mumbai only). I’ve long gotten used to the surprised, jealous, curious & amused stares.
That’s not saying these shoes don’t have a downside. Don’t attempt to wear them without socks, or you might get your feet stuck. I wore them without socks all throughout last year & it worked great as I always had my mom to help yank them off. But I was home alone for a short span of time last month & one day when I came home I couldn’t get it off. I tried all sorts of stunts (which I won’t get into because I’d like to retain a bit of self respect!) & finally they came off. So yes, beware. Never wearing them without socks again. In fact, I think it’s time to invest in a bootjack.
I am pretty simple & basic when it comes to dressing. I rarely make any kind of effort with my appearance because I always feel pressed for time (bad time management on my part) & would rather spend that extra 10 minutes sleeping or on the mac. In fact weddings or other special events like nights out are the only times I’m inclined to bother. I like buying accessories, but most of the time they just lie around (bad organisation!)

I do usually make a little bigger effort for outfit posts. But this time I decided that I want realism to be the theme of it. My rainy-weather dressing is simple & slightly uninspired (I really don’t want jewellery & watches getting wet) but one thing I like doing is very neon or otherwise bright colors. Mumbai, the ever colorful city gets so grey & dreary when it rains that I absolutely need the color to brighten my mood. I chose the bright pink lipstick to match the boots & with my Breton top, which goes with everything but yet isn’t as boring as a solid color tee (in my opinion).
My parents generously gifted me a new phone & so this case arrived at a fabulous time. I love everything about it, right from the colors to the texture & all the little details. I’ve only bought ‘cheapy’ cases for my previous iPhone but I have a feeling this case will last as long as the phone does.
I also just realised that the keys in my pocket are visible in the first photo… oops!
If you got to the bottom, congrats on reading it all & if you skimmed / skipped I don’t fault you in the least. I found that it’s just a month short of three years since my first outfit post, a small personal milestone. Thanks for sticking around!