Hello, I’m Magali & I’m addicted to lip balms… please tell me I’m not alone?
The latest lip balm in my stash the Nivea Lip Care Soft Rose* (although on the pack it’s spelled ‘Rosé’, like my favorite kind of wine).
Anyway, this is a dual-action lip balm that gives a pale pink tint to your lips as well moisturises. It also has SPF 10, which is always a plus.

Price: ₹129 for 4.8 gms.
This is not a new product but it has been repackaged (notice that the packaging says ‘new shape’). I’ve had the pomegranate one from this range before & it’s yummy).
The first thing I noticed about the balm is the texture. It’s quite solid, so you can carry it around in your pocket without fear of it melting. I know the concept of a lip balm melting might sound silly, but it’s happened with me more times than I care to remember!
The rose fragrance is pretty subtle, which is great as I’m not the biggest fan of rose fragrances. This moisturizes my lips nicely & as it’s non greasy it’s great to use under matte lipsticks as well.
If you were thinking of using this as a tinted lip balm, it might be a bit of a letdown. The tint is very slight, & hardly visible on my medium toned lips. It won’t cover any pigmentation either.
It works pretty well for me while I’m at home & I really like using it under lipsticks too. This should be easy to find at any local store & it’s also available on flipkart (at a discounted price, too!)
I’ll end this review with a question – what’s your all time favorite lip balm? For me it would be pretty hard to choose but I like the Molton Brown Vitamin Lip Saver (discontinued now?) for a no-nonsense moisture boost & the Smith’s Rosebud Perfume Company Balms for a combination of pleasing scent, light tint & the fact that they’re all natural. OK, that wasn’t exactly one. How about you?