If you live in either Mumbai or Delhi there’s a big chance that you’ve seen a Pressto live clean outlet somewhere near you. Pressto is a dry cleaning & laundry chain that originated in Spain but has been in India since 2008.
Other than the regular dry cleaning they also offer garment, shoe & bag repair & restoration services. Everything from dyeing to reheeling, it’s really quite remarkable to see the before & after photos.
They invited me to review their services- I don’t have anything that requires mending right now *touch wood* but I did have a blazer that needed to be dry cleaned so I opted for that.
There are Pressto outlets spread throughout the city & I visited the Bandra one. The drop off was quite quick & easy. As I had never used their services before I had to fill in a small form with my details, that makes subsequent visits much quicker.

Diana at the Bandra store was helpful & lovely.

The store itself is quite a site to behold. Everything is very transparent so you can see the machines & the clothes neatly hanging. I was given a date by which I could pick up the blazer (I think it was 3 or 4 days later) & even the pickup is quick, which I appreciate. I was able to pick up the blazer, snap this picture above & still be in & out of the store within five minutes. I’m used to the regular local laundries giving back dry-cleaned clothes folded in a plastic or paper bag but the blazer was presented on a hanger with a plastic cover, all freshly pressed.
I was quite satisfied with the service. Admittedly Pressto is considerably more expensive than the old mom & pop laundries that also dot the city but I’d feel much more comfortable giving expensive / delicate garments to Pressto because you just can’t risk it with those. Also I’m very interested in trying out the bag & shoe repair services.

Have any one of you had an experience with them? Do share in the comments!