Watching… Friends – I’m on season 4, Supernatural – season 2, but I was hooked by the first episode & The Michael J. Fox Show – just two episodes so far. It doesn’t really seem like my kind of show but I’m so glad to see him working again!
Also all the regulars like Castle & Criminal Minds are back this month, so my tv watching plate is full.
Listening… Old favorites – I just got The Next Day on vinyl & Arcade Fire’s Reflektor (the single, of course. I can’t wait for the album to be out!)
Reading… Poetry & developmental psychology. Yes, I am talking about my textbooks.
Cooking… Nachos! I tried them for the first time when I was at Ellipsis earlier this month & I was hooked. Now I’m making them in every possible combination.
Buying… A very special nail polish.
Looking forward to… October being over so I can breathe a bit.