Here it is, my first ever ’empties’ post. I’ve wanted to do one ever since I first saw an empties post on a UK beauty blog about two years ago.

I can’t speak for others but I know that it’s very easy for me to buy a ton of products, but a lot of them just lie around unused, collecting dust till they inevitably expire. So this encourages me to use more of what I have, also when I’ve used up the product fully I can properly decide whether or not I’ll repurchase it. So here’s the first installment (these products were collected over the last couple of months).

Sorry for the very badly lit photos throughout this post. It was a very cloudy day, & I didn’t have the patience. I threw these out that day itself, so I couldn’t even retake the photos once it got sunnier.Skincare / Makeup

1. fabindia aloe vera under eye gel (reviewed here) This was not bad, but I think I’ve found something a lot better. I’ll be reviewing my new favorite under eye gel next month.
2. Physicians Formula Organic wear mascara – My first mascara (yes, I am relatively new at this makeup thing). This was a gift from my favorite aunt in USA. It didn’t give me dramatic lashes but it was pretty decent & not to mention organic! It washed offed easily which was mostly a plus. If this was available locally, I would repurchase it but since it isn’t I’m not going to order it online or anything,
3. Clarins Super Lift advanced extra firming eye contour serum – This was actually my mom’s. The sales assistant at the Clarins counter for her dark circles, but I used a bit too. Neither of us saw any visible results. Besides, I think just a good eye gel is enough for me at this point. I’m testing out an eye brightening serum by Kaya right now, I’m hoping it performs well. Again, I should have the review out by next month.
4. Garnier Pure A anti imperfection daily care – I used this on days my face felt oilier. It smelled pretty unpleasant & didn’t work particularly well.
1. Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage Shampoo
2. & 3. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner
4. Dove Intense Repair Shampoo
5. Dove Nourishing Care Vita Oil Serum
I don’t pay as much attention to hair care as I should. I switch up shampoos & conditioners a lot. The serum is just basically oil that helps with detangling the hair. All of these did the basic job they were supposed to – no complaints, but nothing stood out either.
To Throw Out
This is some stuff I’m throwing out without finishing because (spoiler alert!) I really, really didn’t like them.
1. Jovees Kohl – This was the first kohl that my mom bought me a few years ago. It comes in a lipstick type of tube & the product inside is conical for easy apllication. Even though I remember using it quite a lot, I hardly grazed the surface – you get a lot of product for the price. Now that I’ve got a lot more kohl mostly in pencil form (Maybelline Colossal Kajal, the likes) it really doesn’t make sense in me keeping it.
2. Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream – When this first released I thought it was the bomb. But it took me about five uses to realize that even though it makes my face a bit more presentable for the time being, I got violent breakouts the next day, without fail. I thought it was just me so I asked my mom to try it, & guess what? Same deal. I’m wondering if it was a bad tube? Either way, I’m not going to risk it.
3., 4., & 5. Oriflame Flawless & Absolute Under Eye Concealer – I love a lot of Oriflame things, but I think you’d be better off staying away from their concealers.
6. Physicians Formula Organic wear 100% natural origin tinted moisturizer – Even though I just professed my love for the mascara from the same range, I could never like this. It just didn’t sit right & left such a noticeable white cast.
Well what do you know, I’m not going to repurchase any of these things. Well there’s always new products to try out.

Did you do an empties post recently? Do share a link to it in the comments. As this is my first post of this kind, any suggestions would be appreciated as I’d like to make this a more regular feature.