I’m writing this from my cellphone (in Mangalore) because a just a minute post must be completely authentic & not scheduled. I had a little phone mishap this morning which you’ll probably know all about if you follow me on twitter or Instagram, but I can’t be bummed for long because it’s December! I leave for Goa tomorrow & I’ll be back home soon enough.

Watching… I finished Friends (finally!) & am very, very hooked on to Supernatural. Kinda sad that Back in the Game got cancelled, it wasn’t half bad. No tv during travel though.

Listening… The Next Day Extra EP, the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack. I’ve had Satellite of Live & Hot One stuck in my head all week.
Cooking… I got a waffle maker this month so it’s been waffles waffles waffles all day everyday! I really can’t get enough, Also nachos because my mom is hooked (can’t wait to hear what dad thinks of them). I also cooked up something fun using cookies that I’ll share with you guys as soon as I’m back. Travels means no cooking, so I’m pretty impatient to get back home & to the kitchen.
Eating… All local Manglorean food, although I did have some KFC today, because who can resist chicken popcorn (not me!)
Buying… Some books I’d been eyeing for a while. I’ll show you guys next year.
Looking forward to… Being home, getting my phone fixed, clearing out, organizing. So many plans for the new year, yeah!

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  • Sonia Thomas

    Hi Magali,

    Can you let me know where you picked up the waffle maker or even do a review?

    I have been trying to find a good one in india and so far my search has been a dead end.


  • Definitely Sonia. Will review it as soon as I'm back home, say mid-December.

  • Roanna Fernandes

    Cookies, cookies, cookies, COOOKIES!! I can't wait!! Oooh, and waffles all the time, YUM!! So I'm happily watching my Supernatural episodes too, they're soooo good. I'm still in Season 3 but yes… they are the best – Dean and Sam. Hope your phone is fixed soon, don't worry too much about it, you're in Gooooa after all!! 🙂 😀