It’s the first day of 2014 & what better to start of this year on the blog than with something incredibly sweet, right?
Häagen-Dazs has always been synonymous with good ice cream. A little while ago they launched their new menu for Pure Captivation.
The menu preview was held in the late evening which allowed me to indulge in a little retail therapy first, which resulted in me seeing + buying the flats from my dreams. (That may have been an unnecessary digression, but I just had to write about it & preserve the memory of that beautiful day for posterity’s sake).
Anyway, on to the tasting itself. The new menu is said to be inspired by folklores of the origin of each flavour. It is a culmination of perfection, sophistication and magnificence in ice-cream making.

It started with the chef showing us a little preview of the new creations in the menu….

And then on to the good stuff!
We’ll start with my favorite, the European Fondue. This came with brownies, macarons, crepe slices, waffle pieces, fruits, & an assortment of mini ice cream scoops. Eating this was a lot of fun… I don’t know why people didn’t think of putting ice cream in a chocolate fondue before, the melted chocolate solidifies & it’s so delicious (& not drippy!) The caramel sauce was pretty amazing too.
This pretty creation in the Flower Blossom! If you follow me on instagram you might have seen a little assembly video. Five assorted flavors of ice cream / sorbet in a waffle basket. It’s fun to taste (& dig out!) your favorite flavors, the waffle is ridiculously crunchy & yes that Häagen-Dazs logo is made of chocolate & is edible!

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the new, architectural creations (there’s also the Eiffel Tower). It is a scoop each of chocolate, strawberry & vanilla ice cream on a strawberry & chocolate semifreddo incased in a chocolate bridge garnished with strawberries & a brush of mango sauce (again, every bit is edible!)

The Tiramisu Charm is Häagen-Dazs’ version of a classic Tiramisu with scoops of chocolate & vanilla ice cream on freshly baked tarts.

The new menu also has a bunch of ice cream cakes that can be home delivered in Mumbai. I wasn’t really feelin’ this (perhaps it was a little too frozen at the time?)

Other than the cake I would recommend about everything else I tasted, especially the European Fondue, Flower Blossom & Tiramisu Charm. Although, word to the wise: do not attempt to try & finish a fondue unless you are a group of three, at least… it is a lot! I’m thinking of making this my new celebratory food.

The new menu also has a few other things like the Eiffel Tower (mentioned above), Classic Fondue, Crepe Blitz, Cookie Crunch & of course old favorites like Belgian Waffles.

Also, waffle lovers, I have some interesting content coming your way soon!

I duly apologise for all the drooling this post might have induced today. Maybe go ahead & treat yourself, you’ve probably earned it!