If your stress levels are high (maybe a demanding job or you’re just easily excitable/agitated?!) a massage is a sure fire way to get rid of all those negative feelings, you’re sure to come out feeling all relaxed & renewed.I visited the Four Fountain De-Stress Spa in Mumbai a few days into the new year for a full body massage. They have quite a few outlets in the city – I’ve been to the Bandra outlet before so I chose to visit the one in Powai.
Whatever the surroundings may be, as soon as you enter you’re transported to a serene place of relaxation. Moody lighting, soft music & even massage beads for your back in the waiting area! They asked me a few basic questions, then I was introduced to my masseuse & ushered into the room. They are a unisex spa with no cross gender treatments, so males get male therapists & females get female therapists. 
Once in the room, I was shown a locker for my belongings & disposable undergarments & given time to change. I picked the aromatherapy massage the oils smell sooooo good! It lasts for an hour. The masseuse was attentive to my needs without being too chatty, & needless to say the whole experience was superb, you can feel the tension leave your body.
After the massage is done, you are left to shower (every room has an attached shower cubicle). You’re a bit oily after the whole thing is done, & one quick shower isn’t usually enough to get all the oil off, but I was too relaxed to care. Besides, it just means that you smell of those aromatic oils for longer.

You can details about all the Four Fountains Spa Outlets across the country on their website & follow them on facebook & twitter. I was offered this service free for a review but needless to say I would never recommend something I didn’t truly love.