I’m no stranger to Brahma Books, & if you’ve been reading Life etc. for a few years, you probably won’t be either. I wrote about them back in 2011. After four years of existence, BrahmaBooks has emerged as number one in the notebook sphere.
Their new line is called the Flagship Line because the flagship in a fleet of ships is the flag bearer and the ship leading all the other ships.
In addition they also have the Amatuer, Writers, Math lines, the Professional Lines with Canson and Fabriano papers, Stonehenge paper the world’s number one drawing paper for which Brahma is the exclusive distributor in India, The Economy line and the Bforces Chaos series of notebooks.

The flagship line comes in 30 colors. Several shades of blue, green, red, orange, pink, fushchia, many shades of grey, tinted greys like blue grey, pink grey. They have sky blue, deep blue, peacock blue, emerald blue just to give you an idea of the variety in the blues. The books are available in hard and soft cover, lined and math, in the 5.5 x3.5″ size and the 5.25 x 8.25″ size.
The books are hand sewn making them very hardy and making them open flat on a table. The paper is 100% Acid Free PH7 Neutral. The Flagship line has a rubberband but no envelope inside.
All Brahma books use a special secret triple binding formula where the spine has 3 layers of support and top quality adhesives applied to it to make it super hardy.
All Brahma Books come with a replacement guarantee, because they are confident they are of top quality. Each book is checked individually for quality assurance before they go out. 
According to the founder (& artist) Arjuna, Brahma Books are now far superior to Moleskines in the following respects:
1) These are hand sewn which makes them much hardier and stronger and less likely to come apart over time than Moleskine.
2) We use a triple binding formula which is a hand process, Moleskine books are machine made in China.
3) We have 30 colors with matching colored rubberbands and ribbons. Some books have complimentary colored rubberband and riboon (Opposite to the cover color in the color wheel). Moleskine does not offer such a selection.
I love that there is such a wide range of colors available so you can pick something that suits your personality. Both sizes are great but I think the smaller one is especially useful for carrying around in your bag (after all they are made to catch inspiration no matter where it strikes).
BrahmaBooks are available online on the website & on flipkart.