To me, winter = scented candle weather. Mumbai’s been having a slightly cold spell (by the city’s standards, at least) so I decided it was time to burn some scented candles! I had two candles by The Nature’s Co. (clove & lemongrass) that I had been saving for a time like this. I got the former in my goody bag at a recent TNC blogger meet & I bought the latter last year.
So first I lit the Lemongrass Natural Aroma Candle. And waited, and waited some more. And after over ten minutes of burning, all I could get was the tiniest whiff of lemongrass. I let it burn longer, but still no improvement. So this is when I started to wonder if I had kept it too long & the smell had somehow gone away?
So then I lit the Clove Natural Aroma Candle. And guess what? I burned it for at least 15 minutes & I smelled big fat nothing. I moved about the room, sniffed from a few inches away & there was no fragrance whatsoever.

The Nature’s Co. Natural Aroma candles are made of soy wax so my expectations were in check but I didn’t expect them to be this bad. There is no fragrance whatsoever & these are just useful as ornamental candles. We don’t even have power cuts in Mumbai so maybe I should just use them for a candlelit dinner?
What’s funny is they do smell really good when you hold them to your nose unlit but that fragrance does not disperse when lit (at all!)
The Natural Aroma Candles all cost ₹395 each for 160gms & I most certainly do not recommend them. I still like The Nature’s Co. for their skincare products but I will be staying far away from their scented candles.