A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Matrix Biolage with my mom to try out their new Oilthérapie range. 
Here’s what they say about it: New Biolage Oiltherapie deeply nourishes hair from root-to-tip. Infused with the goodness of Olive oil + a blend of 4 natural oils, it envelops every strand of hair completely to help give it deep conditioning, exquisite shine & vitality. Hair looks brought back to life.

The range actually consists of four products – the Ultra Nourishing Rich Oil, Ultra Nourishing Shampoo, Ultra Nourishing Oil Conditioner & Ultra Nourishing Oil Masque. The range doesn’t have a serum of it’s own but you can use it with the Matrix Biolage Smoothing Serum. I was told that the masque is only for in-salon treatments, but the rest of the products can be purchased directly from Matrix Salons & some of them can be found online.
The shampoo & conditioner smell like bubblegum (yum!) & the treatment also includes a shoulder, arm & head massage, which in my opinion is the best reason to get the treatment (as if making damaged hair look shinier & healthier isn’t reason enough).
Both my mother & I have a very similar hair texture – thick! And the ends can get dry or frizzy too. Overall not the most manageable kind of hair. And we’re both not really big on home remedies or oiling. It’s just usually shampoo, conditioner & serum, with a mask 2-3 times a month.
At the end of our treatment there wasn’t a drastic change, but my hair did feel softer & smoother. But it’s easy for your hair to look good after a blowout, right? What about later? After every subsequent wash my hair has felt soft, as well as more tame & manageable. My mothers observations were pretty much the same, too. 🙂 I’ve continued using the Oilthérapie range at home.

If your hair is dry, damaged, fatigued or frizz prone I’d highly recommend the treatment & the range. And I have promised myself that I will go at least once a month for the treatment myself, because the results are totally worth it. You can see more information about Matrix Biolage & all of their products on their website.