I recently wrote about my #HairIsFashion makeover at Lakme Absolute Salon so I thought I’d put in an update as to how my hair looks / is behaving two weeks later.
Shefali who did my hair gave me a few pointers, such as the vibrant red part would bleed when it was wet, to avoid washing my hair too much & only use colorsafe shampoos.
So far it’s been a breeze to handle, I’ve had some bleeding in the bathroom during washes & onto the towel, but it hasn’t come off on any of my clothes.

My hair, in it’s natural state isn’t the easiest to deal with, but I’ve been blow-drying it & I really like how it looks – quite natural (in texture at least, if not color) & there’s no more frizz even on stuffier days, just looks thick & healthy. I will review the color safe haircare range I’ve been using soon! I don’t think I’ve ever been this pleased with my hair & it’s just such a great feeling, looking into the mirror. I didn’t know I’d like being a redhead this much. I thought I’d switch back to a natural color in a few months after my roots started showing prominently but now I’m pretty sure I’ll get this touched up!
Tomorrow is the last day to enter to win a Hair Makeover for yourself, all details at the bottom of this post.