Lakmé Fashion Week just concluded a few days ago & I’m still recovering from the craziness of it all & sharing some of my favorite moments with you.
This season the folks at TIGI had a masterclass with Celeb Stylist Savio John Pereira at #LFWApartment followed by a styling session & I was very excited to attend as a POPxo blogger!

The session was headed by Savio John Pereira & also featured Audrey D’Souza & Reetu Dang, hairstylists & educators from TIGI India.

Bed Head by TIGI has an extensive range of products for different hair textures & purposes. One thing that really attracts me to BedHead by TIGI as a brand it their tagline ‘Your Hair, Your Way‘ – they’re made for people (like me!) who love experimenting with their look. You guys know I love to mix things up in the hair department, whether it’s coloring it (my hair is currently dark brown, red & purple, in case you’re wondering), getting short haircuts or wearing it straight one day & wavy the next.
I’ll also be the first to admit that I’m not too adept at styling my hair myself & I have a lot to learn. I’ve recently begun heat styling on a regular basis, so I’m always on the lookout for hair care & styling products that will help me achieve the looks I want, help my hair stay how I want it to stay & then of course repair all the damage that heat & coloring does to my hair. I’m not asking for too much, am I?

Savio answered a few common hair questions- he advised using a good amount of styling product but not so much that the hair gets over saturated & weighed down. Mumbai is a humid city but ib monsoon’s it’s going to get even more humid (humidity does no favors to anyone’s hair, I’m sure you all will agree) so for daily styling during the monsoon, he suggested embracing & enhancing the natural texture of your hair rather than trying to change it (don’t straighten curly hair or curl straight hair daily) & of course nourished hair is happy hair.
Stylist Reetu took us through the process of ‘cocktailing’. While Bed Head by TIGI products do have individual ranges such as Dumb Blonde & Foxy Curls, all the products can be mixed & matched with ease, to suit your hair & get the look that you’re after. Though TIGI products are formulated & used by professional stylists, they’re equally easy to use at home too, even if you don’t possess mad hairstyling skills.

Savio then did a quick hair makeover on POPxo co-founder Priyanka Gill & within minutes transformed her already gorgeous hair, giving it more volume & texture with some very effortless looking waves (you can have a peek at her finished look in the little video I made below).

When it was time to get my hair styled, Audrey opted to give me a nice voluminous blowout. My hair was freshly washed & perhaps too enthusiastically conditioned, so she used a generous amount of Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo at the roots to get rid of the excess grease & give my root area some much needed lift & finally finished off with some curls (who knew you could achieve such pretty, long lasting curls with a hair dryer & a round brush?!) And did I mention, it took less than 5 minutes?
I was absolutely in love with my look & couldn’t stop touching my hair!

Did I mention there was wine, snacks & blogger friends, some of whom I was seeing after a while? All in all a super fun way to spend an evening & I did pick up a few tricks. I made a little video of the masterclass (under two minutes!) 

TIGI products are available in select salons & also online. Be sure to follow @TIGIIndia on twitter for regular tips (pssst… you can ask them questions too!)