Thinning hair is a highly common occurrence with more than one in two people across the globe experiencing some level of thinning. However, for something that affects so many people, there is a shocking lack of helpful, clear and consistent information and inspiration available surrounding what thinning hair is and why it occurs.
Furthermore, hair thinning is a topic that few people feel comfortable discussing, making it even harder to address. Thinning hair occurs along a spectrum that ranges from barely noticeable thinning to significant thinning/hair loss, and individuals experience a wide range of emotions depending on where they fall within the spectrum.
To address this concern, P&G Salon Professional has introduced a unique brand- NIOXIN, no. 1 selling salon brand for thicker fuller looking hair, specializing in thinning hair for more than 25 years. Now for the first time, men and women in India will also be able to experience NIOXIN’s advanced products.
NIOXIN has developed the following new definition of hair thinning based on scientific, stylist and consumer insights.
Thinning Hair = A Poor Scalp Environment + Fewer Hair Strands + Finer Hair Strands.
A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to try out the Nioxin treatment myself. My hair has a number os issues but every single stylist who has ever cut it has told me that it’s very thick. So I instead asked my mom to try it out, as she has naturally thin hair that has slightly worsened with age (as is normal)
So we headed over to Nalini’s Salon in Bandra – her to experience Nioxin & me to document the steps & ask to many questions! My mom’s treatment was carried out by Natasha Naegamvala, the head stylist there who is really passionate & fun. She explained everything very well & there wasn’t a single boring moment.
One thing that impressed me is that Nioxin doesn’t make any over the top, ridiculous claims like some brands. It promotes scalp health which can it turn lead to more hair growth, it also thickens the shaft of existing hair. There are a 6 different ‘systems’ under the line, your stylist will assess your hair for you (my mom got 2 – Noticeable Thinning).
Another very important thing about Nioxin? You really need to be very regular with the regimen to see any results. In fact we were told that even if someone is a very good candidate for the treatment but cannot commit to the home care regimen, it is not recommended to them.
Basically Nioxin works on the scalp so the salon appointment was to carry out scalp dermabration, to remove any excess dead skin, product buildup & anything else. It’s carried out with the help of active fruit acids & it is always to be done by professionals! This salon tretment is to be done every 30 days, although Natasha did tell us mom could get it done every 40 days because her hair is thin.
She was then given the product line to use- it’s four products in total. The number 2 system consists of a scalp cleanser (shampoo), revitilisant (conditioner) & the scalp treatment (leave in conditioner in mousse form). Mom was also recommended the density protector (shown above).
For Nioxin to work, you have to wash your hair daily & use all four products. The first three as part of the shower routine & the density protector before going to sleep. Natasha told mom that she can wash every alternate day, but if so she has to shampoo twice.

Mom has been religiously using Nioxin for about a fortnight, with no other products touching her hair. I’ll have a review up of the product range in another two weeks or so.
You can learn a little more about Nioxin on their website here. I hope you liked this post? Until now I’ve always tested everything reviewed on this blog myself, but occasionally I’d like to include product reviews that are suited for more mature skin / hair while making my mom the reluctant guinea pig. Of course I take a very active part in observing if the product makes a difference & asking my mom tons of questions & in the end the review will be written by both of us, as such.
Let me know if you have any questions / suggestions!