NIOXIN, is a brand by P&G Salon Professional. It’s the no 1 selling salon brand for thicker, fuller looking hair, specializing in thinning hair for more than 25 years that just recently launched in India.
About a month ago my mom started using the Nioxin system – I’d highly recommend you read this post to get some background. Basically, she got an in salon treatment & committed to using only Nioxin products for a month & using them very regularly.
So this post (even though it’s technically written by me) is all her words & experiences with the products.
When mom went for the in-salon treatment, Natasha Naegamvala matched her hair scalp to system ‘2’. There are quite a few of these & your assessment will be made by the salon professional you visit. Natasha did (correctly) surmise that my mom’s thin hair was mostly genetic, just like her mother before her. So much of what we look like – skin type / color, hair type / texture is genetic so you often cannot make drastic changes to that, it just doesn’t work like that. Natasha did tell us not to expect any extremely dramatic results from Nioxin (I appreciated the honesty), it isn’t like one of those cheesy, obviously fake ads that you see in newspapers & on hoardings. But she did say that with very regular use mom could see some improvement in both the amount of new hair (as it would stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicles) & also some improvement in the thickness of the shaft.

Mom was given a system 2 trial pack (if you decide to be on Nioxin for a long time, there are big bottles available) as well as the scalp renew serum.
The system 2 trial pack contained 150ml bottles of shampoo & conditioner & a 40ml bottle of the scalp & hair treatment (which is an SPF 20 sunscreen in mousse form). The scalp renew serum is in a glass bottle with a dropper.

The shampoo is quite runny & smells of peppermint – quite an unconventional fragrances for a shampoo but I certainly didn’t mind the bathroom smelling like candy canes every time I happened to take a shower just after mom! The conditioner was thicker & didn’t have the fragrance. Most conditioners are sort of thick / rick & are meant to moisturize / smooth / detangle the mid to end areas of your hair, but this conditioner was meant to target the scalp. We were told that if my mom had longer hair she would be given a separate conditioner for mid to ends. And that was the only major negative mom experiences while on Nioxin – Without the use of a regular conditioner, my mom’s slightly dry / unruly / frizz prone hair got even more difficult to manage, even though she trimmed it once. Maybe we should have insisted on that second conditioner. The hair treatment was to be put immediately after wash & scalp renew before going to bed at night, both were obviously to be applied directly on the scalp because that’s the main area that Nioxin targets.
Let’s talk quantities – The shampoo & conditioner lasted my mom a little less than a month, keeping in mind that my mom has quite thin hair that is also short – if you had longer hair it would get over much earlier considering you have to wash daily! She still has a little of the hair treatment / sunscreen & almost one third of the scalp renew serum remaining, so that should give you an idea of how much of this stuff gets used. 
After almost a month of regular usage, did my mom notice any change? Well, yes, she does think that the hair towards the front of her head especially feels thicker & more dense. And this is just the beginning, continuing it could lead to better results.
So is she continuing it? No. It wasn’t a bad experience, but maybe my mom (like me) lacks the determination to be on such a strict hair care regimen.
If you’re younger & you’ve noticed your hair thinning or above normal hairfall, she would recommend Nioxin (only if you are willing to be very strict / regular with all the products). It was nice but for now my mom will be moving to something else, probably with a richer conditioner!